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Power cord power cable industry's prospects and the company's reputation
2011-06-23 21:07:48

Power cord power cable industry's prospects and the company's reputation

Today, the power cord when the line source of information on this industry: a high-speed growth in the industry, its information is still in the match to establish the initial stage, most companies do not on the ERP, even if the length of the ERP are often the primary use of the main information of support on the financial and daily office. But the center of the industry value chains, the original data acquisition, product development, marketing and other areas, there is no information on the IT companies, this is an industry concern.
Foreign power cable industry is relatively good level of information, such as Ba Gete, it is an early adopter of the SAP system, Ba Gete on Microsoft's navison ERP, Taiwan Sahua Gengshi the tiptop of the first was later changed to SAP .
Domestic power line companies, in 04 some years ago on a smaller ERP, such as Kofi's uniERP (This product has been out of China), etc., in recent years, investment in information technology to establish less.
Power line industry, the future of information technology trends:
Moving rapidly through the years to carry out the current domestic industry, the larger the power cord from the management, from planning, both from the region have started to carry out much to break the form of demand through the path of information technology, new forms of governance will be cured , learned from the advanced business management practices of lean production concept floor, which demands the establishment of enterprises in information technology.
Planned investment in large enterprises to carry out before the first trick with the combination of forms of governance, information technology planning, establish channels in the clear, then the construction! Hope that the power cord in the technology sector pushed the vibrant and rapid development.
In network marketing, we all know that a lot of ways. But in physical sales, the Qiaopu electrical and experience to a new way, and now speak out and we share their experience under. Please also expressed that view under this view. If a new attempt, you can freely re-open the attached.
Gold Cup Silver Cup as business reputation, which is familiar to the old saying we all had! When Ningbo surrounding region because the customer gave each other, the use of our power cord plug and socket, we are almost did not feel there are too many surprises. Because it is close because of it! Customers have confidence in the product, relative to each other propaganda. Only recently been an increase in Qingdao, Zhejiang and several customers, the company would have to believe that word of mouth is important. Where there are few suppliers, because the road of reason, corresponding to increase the cost of the product, so the dealer do it, the price is not much advantage. We do not want to give the customer a negative market factors. Only people outside, there is day. Customers also have their own marketing expertise and channels. Recently increased its customer ask how we know our customers to announce: he went to a friend channeling the door and found our products. Then through a friend about our products. Xiang our company to the product manual, and the network on the understanding and observation. This client can be really careful. Finally, and we have identified a partnership.
Gold Cup Silver Cup as business reputation! I believe the power of word of mouth it, business opportunities everywhere. I hope you believe that we Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. reputation!

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