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Power cord, plug the industry's marketing strategy
2011-05-13 21:23:08

Power cord, plug the industry's marketing strategy

Last explain the power cord, plug the industry's life cycle, this time we are introduced to Ningboqiaopu Electric Co. power cord, plug the industry's marketing strategy.
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. to maintain the market continues to grow, the need to maintain or slightly increase in promotional costs, but due to sales increases, the average decrease in promotional costs. To maintain its market growth companies, to extend the time for maximum profit, you can take the following types of strategies:
1. To improve the power cord product quality. Such as changes in product material, change the product design, development of new models, the development of new uses. Improve the product, can improve the competitiveness of products to meet customer demand for wider to attract more customers.
2. Find a new power cord segments of the market. Through market analysis, find new market segments have not been met, according to their need to organize production, the rapid move into this new market.
3. To change the focus of advertising power cord. Introduction to advertising focus from product image product to build up, establish a product brand name, to maintain old customers and attract new customers.
4. A timely manner to the power cord price. At the right time, can take the price-cutting strategy to stimulate those who are price-sensitive consumers to purchase buying motives and actions.
5. Comprehensive adjustment of the power cord. Through product, pricing, channel, promotion, marketing mix of four factors to be comprehensive adjustment, to stimulate sales rebound. Common methods include price cuts, improved sales levels, expand distribution channels and improve service quality.
Planned, precise marketing strategy determines the future development of Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd., for the sustainable development, we must pay attention to it!

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