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Power cord material - flame retardant
2011-04-25 21:51:56

Power cord material - flame retardant

Than the price of products on the market and not only is the quality ratio, in particular, export-oriented industry, power cord, power cable customers now this series of products, whether it is the material flexibility, tensile strength, flame resistance, the use of , the temperature must have a clearly defined scope, in order to meet the requirements of a system, a competitive edge, we must show strength and produce high quality products to ensure long-term orders, cooperation and harmony. Take the power cord of the Rights of the flame retardant it, Ningboqiaopu Electric Co's power cord must meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements, specific environmental material is it?
Protection of fire-retardant material is a material, it is able to prevent self-burning and burning of materials is not easy, there are solid, such as that of cement, steel, glass and other materials; a liquid, also referred to as flame retardants in the firewall required the surface of the body and other materials coated with fire retardant if it can not guarantee the time the fire was burning, burning will not make the increased scope to expand.
The type of flame retardant materials
Currently there are flame-retardant organic and inorganic materials, halogen and non-halogen. Is brominated organic nitrogen lines and red phosphorus and compounds represented by some of the flame retardants, inorganic mainly antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, silicon and other flame-retardant system. In general, organic flame retardant has very good affinity, add in the consumption of plastics, flame retardants brominated organic flame retardant system in the position of absolute dominance, although the issue of environmental protection, "criticism" more, but there are other flame retardant has been difficult agent system instead.
Environmentally friendly production and application of flame retardant materials.
Our procurement processing Ningboqiaopu Electric Co. power line in accordance with the relevant standards of fire-retardant materials, production at the high quality of the power cord out!

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