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Power cord market forecasts in the eyes of Qiaopu electrical
2012-04-04 22:27:00

Power cord market forecasts in the eyes of Qiaopu electrical

Years of increasingly urgent need to protect the environment, Qiaopu appliances to see the market car power cord, plug market, will replace pollution, high maintenance costs, a noisy internal combustion engine-type wires, plugs. Because the needs of the ecological environment, the market has opened up a wide range of certified power cord, and the public hailed as the "green current tools. The only GB CCC power cord, the German power cord, the whole trend towards a green world, this is undoubtedly the power cord at home and abroad market is a new competition and development, the capacity of its market development is immeasurable. The key is Who is the first to seize the initiative will come first to market share, who have the best quality, who will take the initiative.
Qiaopu appliances from the seventh power cord Fair variety and momentum of view, domestic and international certification power cord manufacturers, unique special power cord manufacturers, research institutes are making every effort to strive for perfection, show strongly the plug Wonder, the pride to want to monopolize the market, made no secret of performance thoroughly.
Qiaopu special electrical power line production of electric power, electric wheels, an application of high-tech production
Products - rare earth permanent magnet Printed Circuit DC servo motor, and the development of electric wheels, with its unique high-efficiency, high torque, small size, light Ya waterproof (fully immersed in water run for one minute without problems), anti- dust, maintenance-free operation of the major advantages of more than 4000 hours, far exceeding the wound, disc DC motor, the axial dimension of DC motor.
Manufacturers in the development of the power cord and many, but not to market. According to the research and performance testing of a few months before the Division I Qiaopu electrical technicians, that the Yongli special power cord of the electric wheels, the structure of small size, large torque, high efficiency, the performance indicators, strong overload ideally suited for electric power line running condition.
Abroad earlier on the development time of the electric power cord, mainly in Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy and China's Taiwan Province, the company invested heavily in research and development, the Qiaopu electrical launched their own products. The drive motor is also a permanent magnet, the price is relatively high, we can open up export markets.

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