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Power cord labels
2011-03-14 22:07:39

Power cord labels

1, the scope of the power cord labels
The normative rules of the power cord power cord labels and consumer identification label's request.
This instruction applies to Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. All products, including: cable, power cord, plug number.

2, the standard of the invoked file
After the terms of the following documents to invoke the norms of the terms to become the norm. Whenever a date is invoked, subsequent amendments to all (not including the revised content) or modified versions do not apply to this specification, however, encouraged under this standard

Whether the prospective parties to the agreement the use of these documents discuss the latest version. Invoked whenever the file without a date, the latest versions apply to this specification.

GB / T 2828.1 Sampling procedures for inspection a part: According to accepted quality limit (AQL) sampling plans to retrieve the batch test
GB 2792 pressure sensitive adhesive tape 180 ° peel strength test method
GB 4851 with support pressure-sensitive adhesive test methods
GB 4852 with tack pressure sensitive adhesive test methods (plane by rolling method)
Q / ZX 04.113.3 design standard cable assemblies - Design and use of auxiliary labels request

3 Terms and definitions of the power cord labels
The following terms and definitions apply to this specification.

3.1 power cord
Used to transmit power, information, and complete the conversion of electromagnetic energy wire products.
3.2 Lead
Single conductive pattern in the conductive lines.
3.3 wiring harness
With connector, plug or socket combination with a variety of wire and wiring components.
3.4 works with cable identification label
When installed in the user site using the cable identification tag.
3.5 Consumer use of cable identification label
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co. consumer devices within the process of convergence between identity Dongtou identification label.

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