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Power cord industry to adhere to the long-term collaboration
2011-03-25 22:33:10

Power cord industry to adhere to the long-term collaboration

Power cord sales, I understand the depth of the common. In the Power cord company for 7 years, and met lots of kinds of procurement or boss, and ultimately some reason saved a lot of customers, lost a lot. If customers want to adhere to long-term and long-term cooperative relations, it is necessary to deepen discussion, which is a science.
First honest man, honest work! My power cable company in the past few years, you really only need to look at customers, not Shuazha, deliberately delaying delivery, and other wrist, and customers are able to make friends with several of the customer collaboration, hard to communicate, present a problem to think about the difficulties the two sides, to make them a sense of being we are trying to do this thing, not an attitude before customer orders, orders after another attitude.
Of course, just the beginning of hours of contact with customers, there are good psychological quality, sales, the most frequently encountered phenomenon was turned down cold, so to accept being rejected, being ignored, being ironic, and so the phenomenon. Another phenomenon is the time of sale shall not enter the halls, it is necessary to use their brains to reach the destination. In particular, pay attention inertia restraint and restraint afraid of difficulties mood. Present a good image in front of customers, this image includes dress, conversation, the necessary rituals. In particular, pay attention to the customers a good first impression. And customers have the ability to narrow the interval between the psychological and emotional.
That point of detail, and I remember 5 years ago, as sales of new Power cord Limited, the customer's 8000 power cord out of the question, the request did not reach the other side of environmental protection norms, which would be fine art. I'm after careful consideration, and the customer explained the request of our products are environmentally friendly products used to meet his request, and wish the next order of hours, so that the specification, and does not increase. So that he did not lose, we can weather the storm. The client now has to continue to collaborate with me, because of his confidence and I have no problem with collaboration, because of the problem is not a problem.
If customers get the trust, then you win! Application of course be trusted rather than the trust of your customers! ! !
Hope my company's experience in the power cord and all the customers can be friends!

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