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Power cord extension trial
2011-05-04 21:39:52

Power cord extension trial

Joop professional production of electrical power Cords, power Cord extensions under the following test that the relevant information
A power cord extending the scope of Test: This test applies to cables, wires and cords of the most common types of insulation and sheath materials.
2 Power Cord extension test sampling and sample preparation and determination of cross-sectional area
Sample from each was to try cutting the two insulation-like sheath-like section and paragraph, according to GB / T 2951.1 Chapter 9 provides test and measurement sample was prepared and tested after cross-sectional area. Dumbbell specimen should remove all convex ridges and / or semi-conductive layer of insulation and sheath from the inner layer after preparation. Specimen thickness should be not less than 0.8mm, less than 2.0mm. If you can not prepare 0.8mm thick specimens, allows the minimum thickness of 0.6mm.
Power Cord extension 3 test test equipment
a) test should be such as GB / T 2951.2-1997 Article 8.1 of the oven. Test temperature standards by the cable products, the provisions of relevant materials.
b) for each specimen in the oven should be hanging down on the chuck, chuck grip with the next and the next thing chuck increase.
Note: The chuck fixed tubular specimen, the specimen should not be tightly closed at both ends. Any appropriate method can be used to achieve, insert one end of the specimen as a short metal needle, the size slightly smaller than the specimen diameter.
Power Cord extension 4 test test procedure
a) specimen should be hanging in the oven, increase the material under the chuck. The force generated by product standards by the cable provisions of the relevant materials.
b) after 15min in the oven, measure the distance between tag Cords and calculate the elongation rate. If the oven door does not open the observation window must be measured, it should open the door in the measurement is completed within 30s. Oven temperature, product standards by the cable provisions of the relevant materials. In case of dispute, with a viewing window in the test should be carried out within the oven, and do not open the door measurements.
c) discharge from the tension on the specimen (the specimen cut at the next chuck), and to the provisions of specimen temperature in the recovery 5min. Then remove the specimens from the oven and slowly cooled to room temperature, again measuring the distance between tag Cords.
Power Cord extension 5 test evaluation of test results
a) at specified temperature after 15min load and elongation of the intermediate value should be less than the cable product standards.

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