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Power cord export-related knowledge
2014-02-24 22:20:55

Power cord export commodity inspection
Export power Cable inspection , the need to provide information about : providing a declaration, in the form of invoices, sales contracts , packing list and proxy , type test report ( type test report is China 's official , there is no other alternative certification must be provided , type test reports do generally require two months' time , if there is information missing middle supplemented information requires a longer time , so please do it as soon as possible . estimated cost 8000RMB less )
For export inspection process is as follows :
1 , commodity inspection agencies accepted . First person to fill the post-mortem report , " export inspection application" , and provide the relevant documents and information, such as foreign trade contracts , letters of credit , the results of a single original factory inspection , etc. ; inspection agencies to meet the requirements after reviewing these documents , the admissibility of the batch inspection of goods ; If there are undesirable , could require the applicant to supplement or amend the terms .
2 , sampling . Be chaired by the commodity inspection authorities send personnel , depending on the form of goods , to take a random sampling sample . Inspection should provide inventory locations situation and work with the inspection staff to do the sampling .
3 , test. Inspection department can use a variety of techniques from the palace to sense chemical analysis , instrumental analysis , etc., of export commodities inspection, inspection forms are self- test inspection , joint inspection inspection, testing and origin Mill inspection .
4 , the issue of the certificate. The commodity inspection authorities for inspection of goods issue inspection certificates , or " export declaration " on the stamp release chapter . After obtaining export enterprise certificate of inspection or release notice , within a specified period of validity reported exported.

power Cable inspection of HS Code : 8544422100
Power cord export certification related
Commodity exports as long as the power cord can pass off, but generally the importer will have their own client state certification requirements , elaborate below the corresponding national certification requirements !
1 , China : power Cable in our domestic sales , also have to comply with China Compulsory Certification System , referred to as CCC or CQC
2 , Germany : The power cord is exported to Germany VDE certification , VDE directly involved in the German national standards, is one of the most commonly used in Europe in general most experienced enjoy a high reputation in the world of certification bodies. There are also GS or CE etc.
3 , France: France needs to have the power cord exit NF certification , NF is the French standard code , introduced in 1938 , which is the French Association for Standardization regulatory agencies (AFNOR).
4 , UK: Britain's most popular export power cord is BS certification. British Standards Institution (BS) The world's first national standards bodies . UK government to recognize and support the non-profit civil society organizations . Standard power cord in the British Standards Institution (BS) which are running : BS1363 / 1 standard , in addition to the implementation of this standard ASTA and so is British certification body.
5, United States : The power cord must be exported to the U.S. UL certification, exports to the U.S. and other countries is different, but also need to have UL certification labels , UL certification label is a mark after inspection by a UL certified company checks issued stickers, is a symbol of the quality of clearance . L is the U.S. Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) Shorthand . UL safety test of America's most authoritative , but also in security testing and identification of large private institutions in the world.
6 , Australia: Australia's exports of power Cables need to have SAA certification , SAA certification standards bodies as the Australian Standards Association of Australian 's certification, so many of my friends called the Australian certification SAA. There are also C-Tick , are Australian standard testing organizations , New Zealand and Australia to perform the same standards !
7 , Japan: The power cord must be exported to Japan PES certification , PSE certification is Japan compulsory safety certification for electrical and electronic products have been proved by NEC and Material Safety Law (DENAN Law) or the international safety standard IEC test standards .
8 , South Korea : The power cord must be exported to South Korea South Korea KTL certification requirements , in order to enable consumers to understand more clearly marked on the product purchased certification marks , and product manufacturers to reduce the burden of various certification costs, Korea Technical Standards Institute ( KATS) August 20, 2008 announced January 1, 2009 introduced a new certification system KC (Korea Certification) certification. (KC certification upgrade from the original transition from KTL certification bodies !
9 , Brazil: Brazilian exports need a power cord INMETRO certification , INMETRO certification as well as an abbreviated UC certification , INMETRO Brazil 's national accreditation bodies (Accreditation Body), responsible for developing the Brazilian national standards. Most of the Brazilian product standards IEC and ISO standards, require manufacturers to export to Brazil in the design of the product should refer to the two sets of standards. Nonetheless, due to geographical and historical reasons, many close to the United States, Brazil, the provinces and then use any American UL standard power cord .
10 , Italy: Italy need a power cord Italy iIMQ export certification . IMQ is the Italian acronym for hospital quality mark , Italy in Europe, and Germany belong to the EU member states and is based IMQ IMQ certification VDE certification standards established Gu part VDE certified power cord products are also sold in Italy can use !
11 , Switzerland: Swiss exports need a power cord Swiss SGS certification,
12 , South Africa : The power cord is the need for export to South Africa South Africa, SABS certification or SABS standard test report , the National Standards Authority of South Africa (South African Bureau of Standards, SABS) is based on the 1945 promulgated the " National Standards Law" established case of South Africa DTI affiliates . If you have a South African SABS test report , then your product will be sold in South Africa , the people of South Africa can be accredited test reports ! ! India, South Africa is also the same with the same big big pin power cord !
In addition to this , we have a lot like the Netherlands, KEMA certification, Belgium IBSBI certification, Norway Nemko and so on. However, most of these countries as well as most certification are based on the German VDE certification standards established Gu have VDE certification can be sold in these countries.

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