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Power cord employees quit
2012-03-28 21:12:58

Power cord employees quit

A lot of power cord plugs employees mobile, often many employees work less than six months to resign, a great deal of the same so that normal production is under the specific which causes the brain drain of the power line companies.
An enterprise system of the power cord plug is not standardized, and mismanagement;
Second, the direct leadership of the various factors;
Three low wages, poor welfare;
Fourth, the working pressure in the power cord plug enterprise;
, Individuals can not play, no hope of promotion;
Six, older employees, unequal pay for equal work, unfair distribution;
Do not like the power cord plug works and inherent system;
Eight lack of leadership attention and talent of the human environment within the enterprise;
Nine, there is no space for personal development, promotion and seniority;
Ten, there is a better choice than the enterprise.

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