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Power cord and plug material-PVC
2011-08-02 21:50:47

Power cord and plug material-PVC

Power cord and plug widely used in various fields, and plug the power cord has been the main material is plastic PVC, introduced the following simple PVC:
PVC material that is PVC, it is the world's largest production of plastic products, cheap, widely used, PVC resin is white or light yellow powder. Can be added depending on the use of different additives, PVC can present different physical and mechanical properties. In polyvinyl chloride resin by adding an appropriate amount of plasticizer can be made into a variety of hard, soft and transparent products.
The density of pure PVC 1.4g/cm3, plasticizers and fillers added to PVC plastic parts of the density is generally 1.15-2.00g/cm3.
PVC has good tensile, flexural, compressive and impact resistance, structural materials can be used alone.
Soft PVC softness, elongation, cold resistance will increase, but the brittleness, hardness, tensile strength will be reduced.
PVC has good electrical insulation properties, can be used for low-insulation materials, their chemical stability 也好. Because of poor thermal stability of PVC, prolonged heating can cause decomposition, release of HCL gas, discoloration of the PVC, so its application range is narrow, with temperatures generally in the -15 to 55 degrees. PVC industry is currently rapid development in the world, prospects, countries are optimistic about the potential of PVC and its environmental benefits, PVC is its superior and unique performance to the world to prove their role and status is not replaced by any other product the social development needs of its environmental protection needs it, it is our human civilization and progress inevitable.

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