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Power cord
2011-04-16 22:57:38

Power cord

Power cord power cord
Means to remove Power cord terminals, cable connectors and accessories other than the Power cord section, commonly referred to as the power cord.
Note: Sometimes the Power cord also refers to Power cords, that is, the power cord from the body and consisting of the installed power cord attachment system.
Metal sleeve metallic sheath
Sealed metal tube uniform continuous coating.
Armored armour
By a metal band or wire coating composition, usually used to protect the power cord from the outside mechanical forces.
Note: The metal band from the radial to strengthen protection, from the vertical wires to enhance protection.
Power cord terminal termination
Installed in the power cord ends so that the cables and overhead Power cords or other electrical equipment connected to and maintain the insulation until the connection point of the device.
Power cord connector joint
Connect the power cord and power cable conductor, insulation, shielding layer and protective layer, so that a continuous Power cord devices.
Tapping the power cord (branch) box cable dividing box, cable feeding pillar
Completion of the Power cord distribution system in the pooling and tapping functions, but generally do not have control of the second measurement configuration of the special auxiliary electrical connection devices.
Note: Power cord distribution boxes commonly used in urban power ring and (or) radiation in the distribution of power supply system and (or) terminal power supply. Usually installed directly on the outdoors, sometimes installed in the indoor. Power line Power cord terminal is necessary to tap the main components of the box. Usually detachable terminal (also known as the separable connector) or the indoor terminal.
Power cable accessories cable accessories
Terminal, connector, [oil-filled cables] pressure tanks, cross-connected boxes, ground boxes, protection layer protection, and other component parts of the Power cords collectively.
Power cable support cable bearer
Laying of power cable in place, to support and fixed cable installations collectively, including general support and bridge.
Power line bridge cable tray
From the tray (bracket), or ladder of the line segment, non-straight line, accessories and hangers and other group ranged form to support the Power cord system with continuous rigid structure.
Power cable conduit cableducts, cableconduits
Power line to be protected within the body and the laying of its failure in the cable after the cable is pulled out to facilitate the replacement of the pipe. A single tube and exhaust pipes and other structural form, also known as Power cord pipe.

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