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Poor quality plugs, sockets, power cord market and the existence of hidden
2011-08-05 22:18:43

Poor quality plugs, sockets, power cord market and the existence of hidden

Plugs, sockets, power cord, though small, is related to the safety of millions of households. In recent years, due to poor quality plugs, sockets, power line short circuit, leakage and result in electrocution death of the accidents have occurred, bad plugs, sockets, power cord has become a cause of electrical fires and personal injury "invisible killer" one. At a time when home improvement season, industry experts warn, the decoration can easily be overlooked outlet should pay attention to security issues.
Poor quality plugs, sockets, power cord actually quite a market
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou recently visited some of the building materials market and commodity wholesale market, that market sales of plugs, sockets, power cable brands, mixed, low-quality plugs, sockets, power cable because the price is relatively low, so there is still considerable market. A two-pole dual-use socket only $ 1, which in the regular supermarket price of 2.7 yuan. Hardware Electrical Material in a special sale of a small shop, Qiaopu appliances are even found a name and address can not find the "three non-product", but it is very popular. These products work quite rough, some of the larger jack socket, when the author of these expressed doubts about the safety of the product, the boss said: "all right, many people buy, the cheaper!"
An industry source tells us that these inferior plugs, sockets, power lines are mostly sold in rural areas, due to lower prices in rural areas are very popular. Another huge market is the construction industry. Because most people bought a house after the renovation will replace the socket, so the project using plugs, sockets, power line inspection is not strict or intentional use low-cost low-quality outlets is common. Some real estate developers took a fancy to it, often to buy bulk, shoddy, in order to save costs.
Also for this reason, it left a fire hazard. From the fire department was informed that in recent years, short-circuit caused by the aging socket event every year the number of fires, the socket is not enough security literacy, making the socket from the threat of poor quality.
Plugs, sockets, power cable hidden big problem
In the market, also found that some plugs, sockets, power cable production is relatively fine in appearance, packaging is also very regular, ordinary consumers can not distinguish the quality of the product is good or bad. However, detection of Zhejiang Fangyuan Group engineers Ping Zhou told reporters, although with some low-quality or counterfeit plugs and sockets than the quality of these products is better, but the choice of raw materials, and the genuine product or are essentially different. Some companies to reduce costs, chose not to heat the ABS material in case of emergencies, can not successfully plug from the outlet, more serious, due to grounding socket will cause distortion and phase pole contacts directly charged to cover electrical products, electric shock accident.
In addition to poor heat resistance, the insulation properties of flame failure, is currently the main plug socket product quality problems. National standard plug socket by the glow-wire test insulation materials (panel 650 ℃, the base 850 ℃) may not have seen the fire-burning, or the flames to be extinguished automatically in 30 seconds. But now many companies are not using a low-cost flame-retardant materials, resulting in the base panel or rapid combustion occurs at high temperatures, in the use of short-circuit overload, is caused by a major fire hazard.
Recently the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Longwan sample of 40 regional production of 40 products, there are nine batches failed. From the examination results, the small family-owned factory products of poor quality. As the product structure is simple plug and socket, a small initial investment, business launched quickly, so as to increase the number of firms, market competition becomes increasingly fierce, many small businesses in order to be able to survive the fierce market competition continue to blindly reduce costs, cut corners.
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. in the interview also learned that some outlets are also designed to protect the size of the door was unreasonable, the spring is not flexible enough or too hard the main reason for consumer complaints, because it is easily flexible enough to protect the door is opened, making the can not protect the door from the protective effect; and flexible too hard to not get into the plug socket and affect performance.
The user how to properly choose
Plugs, sockets, power cable quality is directly related to personal and property safety in the purchase of plug and socket, please be sure look for the brand. Usually the choice of the plug socket, look at the appearance, the surface smooth and shiny, jack precise size, no flash, and burrs; look at related marks, because the flag is to indicate the proper use and installation and maintenance people are an important basis, but also to ensure personal and property security is extremely important safety standard content. Then, try plug the outlet and see whether the plug inserted in the end, feel too tight not too loose: too loose, then the contact performance is not good, the use will result in a high temperature; too tight, inconvenient to use, there may be insert sets quality problems. Finally, look at the conductive parts, set to be inserted are all made of copper.
Best to call buyers who do not blindly pursue price, completely ignoring the power cord, plug the consequences Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. to assure you that my colleagues in the guaranteed price also pay attention to quality!

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