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Plug the power cord of the material
2011-07-04 15:57:50

Plug the power cord of the material

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. produce all kinds of materials, power cord, plug the power cord is required for each unique materials through production, plug the power cord is the cost of materials and quality control of a part, it is able to plug the power cord the necessary power factor, so we in the production process of the power cord materials also require detailed treatment of their very high quality requirements, plug the power cord if the quality of the materials is a problem, we need to re-Depot repair, if the worst case, that this power cord is not used. So the power cord of the material we need strong, durable, and if it is to install with, then we plug the power cord color of the material have certain requirements, we generally produce plants which are black, white nor dirt. For the material we are generally plastic, but we also need to have for the first plastic requirements, we generally use a soft plastic, not with a hard plastic. Because the hard plastic is very fragile, if you do not accidentally fall on the ground may be broken if there is a reason for this is plastic safe, we all know that plastic is not conductive, so even if the application of a long time inside the thread off also no leakage accident

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