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Plug the power cord of some defects in plastic
2011-05-27 22:21:58

Plug the power cord of some defects in plastic

First, plug the power cord of plastic pores, gas bubbles or eye
(A) causes
(1) plug the power cord local control over temperature of the plastic.
(2) Plug the power cord plastic plastic wet or water.
(3) the excess plastic after stopping the gas has not ruled out.
(4) of the natural environment moist.
(A) exclusion method
(1) temperature control to the right and found an immediate adjustment of high temperature to prevent the local temperature is high.
(2) feeding, strictly check the plastic quality, especially in rainy season, found wet with water, should immediately stop using, and then run the net influx of material.
(3) at an additional warm-feeding device to get rid of plastics to moisture and water.
(4) regular sampling check whether there are holes plastic layer, gas and bubble eyes.
First, plug the power cord disconnected or broken plastic plastic
(A) the reasons have to
(1) conductive core with water or oil
(2) Plug the power cord is too heavy plastic wire core local contact with the mold core, resulting in lower temperature, so that local cooling of plastic, causing the plastic to stretch out of touch or broken plastic.
(3) semi-finished products of poor quality, such as steel and plastic with loose, the joint is not strong or too large.
(B) Remedy
(1) mold-matching to be bigger, especially the matching jacket to die, to enlarge 6 to 8mm.
(2) properly reduce the length of the mold core and the thickness of the mouth.
(3) reduce the speed of the screw and traction.
(4) appropriate control of the temperature increase in the nose.
Second, plug the power cord and eye plastic pit
(A) causes
(1) is not pressed tightly twisted conductive core, a gap.
(2) cores with water, fuel oil, and dirt.
(3) semi-finished products have defects, such as wire spending, pressure drop, cross, bending, steel and plastic with a coincidence, loose, large joints and so on.
(4) temperature control is low.
(B) Remedy
(1) stranded conductor pressed to meet the process requirements.
(2) semi-finished products do not meet the quality requirements, should be dealt with after a good production.
(3) remove dirt, cable core or the core to warm up.
Third, plug the power cord from the plastic bag the plastic layer, edges and corners, ears, wrinkles and uneven
(A) causes
(1) plastic bag wrapped with tape and steel caused by quality problems.
(2) Mold optional too large, after the vacuum caused.
(3) damage resulting from plastic punch down glue.
(4) The wire core is too heavy, plastic layer of cooling is not good.
(B) Remedy
(1) Check the quality of semi-finished goods, defective products do not produce.
(2) to check the mold before assembly, identify problems to be addressed before use.
(3) die matching to the right. Appropriate to reduce the speed of traction is the plastic layer to cool.
Fourth, plug the power cord traces of plastic of plastic surface
(A) causes
(1) diameter die set bearing surface is not smooth or notched.
(2) temperature control is too high, the plastic itself, barium stearate decomposition accumulate in the mouth caused by traces of mold sets.
(B) Remedy
(1) fitting the mold diameter bearing die sets to check whether the surface is smooth, if any defects should be addressed.
(2) the temperature of the nose due to lower heating zone, resulting in clear immediately after barium stearate.

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