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Planning steps of Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. household power cord plug
2012-03-01 22:19:01

Planning steps of Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. household power cord plug

The family must detail steps to plan, install the power cord to take into account many aspects such as home furnishings, home appliances placed location, the layout plan of the kitchen location where all of the power cord should be.
Plug the power cord of the Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. (1) Do not use the 'three noes' products due to the use of low-grade electric heater shower, electric shock death of accident occurs, the newspaper published already more than Therefore, home decorating, do not use the 'three noes' products, especially in the socket, 'three noes' products flooding the market, attention should be identified. Do not blindly imported goods, it is recommended to buy a domestic brand-name goods.
(2) the Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. lighting outlet on a circuit separate the benefits of separate lighting and outlet circuits is: If the outlet circuit of the electrical equipment failure, only a power outage of this circuit will not affect the work of the lighting circuit so as to facilitate fault circuit repair; other hand, if the lighting circuit fault, you can use the power outlet on a circuit connected to the desk lamp, for maintenance.
(3) The lighting should be divided into several loops so that, once a lighting circuit short-circuit fault, it will not affect the lighting of the other circuits, do not make the whole family in the dark.
(4) Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. set up a loop air conditioners, electric water heaters and other high-capacity electrical equipment, should be a device if the combination of a loop when they use, easy to wire and heat, if not more than the temperature of the wire to allow the work also reduce the life of the wire insulation. In addition, increase the cross-section of the wire can greatly reduce the loss of electricity in the wires.
(5) outlet and bathroom lighting circuit must be taken to the bathroom outlet of ground protection measures in addition to the use of an isolating transformer (eg, electric shaver socket) is not grounded, the other socket must be three pole socket. The metal casing of the bathroom fixtures must be grounded.
(6) Qiaopu Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. grounding
① can not use the water pipe as a ground wire. New residential buildings are equipped with reliable ground wire, old housing often no ground wire, a lot of old-fashioned residential customers to the water pipe as a grounding wire. This is incorrect. There have been tap into contact with live electric shock killed in accident reports.
Such as ② Qiaopu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. bathrooms equipotential bonding is more security. The bathroom is a wet environment, and even touched the safe voltage below 50V, there was the possibility of electric shock. The so-called equipotential links the bathroom all metal objects (including the metal towel rack, cast iron bathtubs, water pipes, etc.) is integrated with the ground wire, and reliable grounding.
(3) grounding standard should match the power system. Electrical design, you must first understand the user power from where the grounding of the power supply standard. Ground protection measures should be consistent with the power system.
Each loop of the ④ Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. set up a separate ground wire. Some people think: the current is very small in the ground wire, and several loop combined with a ground wire decoration costs savings. This is wrong. Normal working hours, the current in the grounding line is indeed very small, but in the short-circuit fault occurs, the current flowing through the ground wire is much higher than the normal working hours of the phase line current. Secondly, from the reliability point of view - a loop a ground wire is more reliable.
⑤ Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. have leakage protection, should have ground fault protection. Any kind of electrical products, have failed the possibility of leakage switch also has the possibility of failure. Ground fault protection when the GFCI fails, the ground fault protection can still play a protective role. GFCI output neutral line are not allowed to touch the ground, otherwise, the GFCI can not be closing.
⑧ had a good grounding device, each household should still configure the GFCI. When the electrical equipment enclosure charged, grounding resistance of grounding device is small, the failure prior to the termination of the equipment enclosure on the ground potential is there, a shock may be. If the GFCI, as long as the leakage current is greater than 30mA, 0.1s time would enable the power is disconnected. Socket connected to electrical equipment, the human body at any time the possibility of contact, therefore, the outlet to have leakage protection. Wall air conditioning because of the manpower is difficult to hit, so do with leakage protection.
(7) Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. household electricity capacity and the design capacity, do not blindly installed to access high-power electrical equipment for this, each household electrical decoration before a preliminary estimate of the total capacity of the indoor load to avoid exceeding the account of the design load. Specific figures to the local property management department consultation.
(8) Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. electrical safety design is the focus of each family household electrical equipment, there are several, every day of exposure. Not medical in both the child, they have little knowledge of electrical knowledge and understand electrical safety knowledge of the adults would play with electrical equipment, in order to ensure the safe use of electricity, electrical safety must be designed as a key. Children touched the socket outlet with a protective plate should be selected to avoid the children put metal objects into the socket, causing electric shock.

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