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Not to seek cheaper power cord
2011-07-06 22:16:45

Not to seek cheaper power cord

The power cord the same size, Ningbo various hardware market as long as 3 yuan of money, but formal than 7 yuan manufacturers, consumers or manufacturers definitely need to choose cheap. "This is a lot of buyers point of view. That Mr. Zhang said that he usually is, watch TV, Shao Shao water, outside the stall to buy a power cord with socket 8 dollars on the way, there seventy-eight jack, a socket to socket with the arrival twenty-three; and production enterprises which have to buy a small outlet 20 yuan of money, and only two or three jacks, there is simply not worthwhile.
"Do not look at a small power cord, but it is related to the electrical safety of millions of households, each family well-being and ultimately, it's credit." Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Technology Liu said, this is not something more than a few dollars, is more of a safe and less incidents of important things. Many buyers is the freeloaders, spend a few dollars to buy a fake on the streets to spread the bad power cord, to go home before long there have been an accident, the case is light damage to property, and severe life-threatening family members. Some people in to buy appliances, a few thousand dollars, even thousands of dollars are willing to spend, that is twenty or thirty dollars to buy a power cord is too expensive, and often for the sake of such a small cheap and lead to a catastrophe point, because the quality of the power line, fire or leakage, burning TV, refrigerators, and even leakage wounding, causing fire damage to more severe.

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