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Ningbo Qiaopu power cord layout
2012-11-25 21:26:40

Ningbo Qiaopu power cord layout

Layout of the power cord is not very complex, but not from the surface briefly, for a while to see through it, if good to discuss the power cord, and some local still need a professional to know the layout of the power cord. The layout of the power cord first to be the outer sheath, inner sheath, copper wire.
Joop power cord with VDE approval in Europe GB CCC power cord certification, U.S. UL certification, BS certification, Australia SAA certification ........ skills is now very sophisticated.

QIAOPU power cord:
1. The copper single strands of the power cord
The common power supply line of the copper rod material, at room temperature, using the drawing machine by one or a number of road stretching the mold hole, its reduced cross-section, the length increases, the intensity forward. The drawing is the first step of the wire and cable company, brushed primary process parameters with mode manually.
2. QIAOPU power cord monofilament annealing
Copper single wire in the heated to a certain temperature, recrystallization way to advance the monofilament patience, a decrease of the strength of the monofilament, to comply with the need of wires and cables on the conductive wire core. The annealing process crucial point is to eradicate the oxidation of copper wire.
3. QIAOPU power cord conductor stranding
In order to advance the pliability of the power supply line in order to facilitate the laying device, the conductive wire core receiving a plurality of monofilaments twisted together. From the conductive core stranding approaches can be divided into rules Stranded Stranded and non-rules. The non-rules Stranded and divided into Stranded concentric complex twist, special stranding. In order to reduce the occupied area of ​​the wire, cut power lines and dash of scale, stranded conductor also made of compacted way so plain round variation of the semicircle, sector, tile and pressed the round. Such conductors primary use power line in QIAOPU.
4. Power cord insulation extrusion
The plastic power line primary selection extruded solid insulation layer, plastic insulation extrusion primary hand need:
4.1. Migraine pain: the tendency of extruded insulation thickness value is reflected crowded primary symbol of the work arts degree, have to understand the rules of substantially all of the product structure scale and its tendency to value standard.
4.2. Smoothness: extruded insulation layer surface needs to be smooth, shall appear rough surface, charred, the poor quality of the impurities
4.3. Fine density: cross-section of the extruded insulation layer to be fine and strong, are not allowed to have visible *** eradicate the presence of bubbles.
5. QIAOPU power cord into a line
In order to ensure the degree of the molding, reducing the appearance of the power supply line on the multi-core power cord, Common need be stranded to circular. Similar to the mechanism of stranded conductor stranding, stranding pitch diameter, mostly used without back twist way. Hand cabling needs: First, the root must profiled insulated cores stand up and twisted cable; prevent the insulation layer is scratched. Most of the cable in a cable is also accompanied by the completion of two processes: a cable after cable rounding and unchanging; filling to ensure one is banding, to ensure that the core does not slack.
6. QIAOPU power cord sheath
In order to protect the core of the insulated wire armored pimple injury, need proper protection of the insulating layer, inner sheath: Extruded inner sheath (barrier sets) and the sheath around the bag (cushion). Wrapped cushion instead of banding with the cabling process synchronization.
7. Power wire-bound armor
Laying of underground power lines, the mission can withstand a certain positive pressure, optional steel tape armored structure. The power cables are run in both positive pressure has tensile force places (such as water, soil straight shaft or larger gap), should be used with the structure of the inner steel wire armored type.
8. QIAOPU power cord outer sheath
The outer sheath is a structural part of the insulating layer to protect the power cord to prevent the condition factor corrosion. The outer sheath primary role is to advance the mechanical strength of the power cord, anti-chemical corrosion, moisture-proof, water immersion, hinder the power cord incineration talent. Extruder undesirable power cord directly extruded plastic sheath.
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