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Ningbo Qiaopu contribution to the power line industry
2012-04-10 22:27:21

Ningbo Qiaopu contribution to the power line industry

The power cord popular in China for 10 years, accompanied by China's small household electrical appliances and even the electrical industry all the way to grow as early as the 1990s in the last century, when the power cord industry beginning of the road starving its infancy, Ningbo Qiaopu to come forward, we general manager and technical director and a group of veterans of the power cord, together with reasonable to want to do a good job in the power cord.
The beginning of that time, the power cord is still very simple, all OK as long as can be power, process is very simple, but the wire material is poor, the general power cord died two years, then to the household electrical appliance parts, serious impact on the use of many electrical appliances life, then we Ningbo Qiaopu power cord was a large number of manufacturing plants and shoulder the mission of the development of the power cord, the company has trained technical personnel to Germany to visit the factory to learn the advanced power line technology to of our Ningbo Qiaopu power cord laid foundation.
To the early 20th century, the power cord is an unprecedented period of development, Ningbo Qiaopu also played a leading role, after another application of the GB CCC power cord certified certification of the European VDE power cord, American UL power cord certification. This time Ningbo Qiaopu power cord quality, production and the overall size of world-class power cord enterprise standards.
Today Ningbo Qiaopu still in constant innovation, constantly exploring the process of the power cord to the development of the power cord, and we hope we can bring to the electrical industry, some contribution to.

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