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Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. production "Qiaopu" brand power cord strategy
2012-05-15 22:25:24

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. production "Qiaopu" brand power cord strategy

The Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. production of "Qiaopu" brand power cord strategic planning is a very important one is planning a scientific and rational brand strategy and brand architecture. Brand strategy and brand architecture to solve the following problem
The Qiaopu corporate brand and product brand relationships, how to deal with is "Procter & Gamble - Pantene", "General Motors - Buick" endorsed brand model, or "Nestle - Polo mints," Kao - Fugitive shampoo " co-branded models, or simply like the SMH Toyota as corporate branding hidden behind the scenes, simply does not want consumers to know the radar, Longines SMH brand, Lexus is Toyota's brand;
Power cord Qiaopu enterprises to develop new products, new brands or old brands to extend, or sub-brand to highlight the personality of the new product;
When developing a new brand, co-branded, collaborative brand, sub-brand;
The new brand, the number of the sub-brand, how much more appropriate;
How the sub-brand can play a nurturing function of the main brand? ......
"Qiaopu" brand management, knowledge of the power cord for all of you on the produced by Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. has a certain basis, therefore, understand the level of the brand strategy and brand architecture and planning can greatly affect the profits of an enterprise level . For example, when companies can brand extension to drive the selling market for new products to expand the business performance, not an extension of hand, to develop a new brand that is asking for trouble, the decrease in profits is a small matter more seriously, but also hurt the corporate strength, such as Wahaha had really in accordance with the recommendations of the many pure theorists, pure water should not be too child of the Wahaha brand away to the development of new brands, perhaps Wahaha has evaporated, at least to live not so moisture; but if the brand's core value can not accommodate new products, should develop a new brand to push new products, but to engage in blunt brand extension, the companies will suffer great losses; Again, the number of the most appropriate number of corporate power cord Qiaopu, the total corporate and product brands relationship how to deal with, these are indeed affect the subject of the body, this effect is often not just the hundreds of thousands, millions of often tens of millions of millions. Visible, in-depth and professional study of the laws of the brand strategy and brand architecture, a thorough understanding of the secret, combined with corporate and financial resources, industry characteristics, the actual situation to prescribe the right medicine to flexible planning brand strategy and brand architecture to reduce a huge amount costs.

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