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Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. power cord appearance requirements
2011-08-03 21:55:29

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. power cord appearance requirements

Control the appearance of the structure and size to ensure that product performance is significant, Qiaopu the appearance of power cord quality is very important to the user's first impression of the general appearance of the product quality is, therefore, is more attentive to the appearance of any good product quality, the appearance of quality, production workers and inspectors can not be ignored, should be strictly controlled to ensure the appearance of quality.
Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. visual inspection. For the examiner is not an easy task, mainly visual inspection of the scale is not very good grasp of the same product by different inspectors to check, you may get different conclusions. Nevertheless, as long as we seriously study and master the standards, time and experience, if necessary, check with standard samples, we can improve the appearance of the product inspection.
1, round copper wire. Check the surface is smooth, with or without triangular mouth, burrs, cracks, inclusions and severe folding and the spot scars, Ma Hang, mechanical damage, corrosion spots and so on. It is noteworthy that there is degree of oxidation of copper, gold is generally normal, light red for the slightly oxidized surface was dark red, blue when severe oxidation, the oxidation of all serious cases should be sentenced as a waste disposal. Aluminum in the manufacturing process Michiko situation more to do overhead power cords should be strictly controlled.
2, round aluminum. Round of inspection requirements, whether hem, wrong round, cracks, inclusions, kinks and other defects and severe mechanical damage spots scars, Ma Hang, peeling, edge, corrosion spots and so on.
3, the appearance of power cords Qiaopu structure size. The appearance of power cords, checking the size of the structure are generally interspersed or at the same time, the quality is good or bad, on the one hand to see its performance is excellent, but their appearance, structure, size of the quality of a certain proportion, the product's appearance, structure and size of cable performance is influential.
4, the aluminum surface than the cord. Stranded wire should be tight and tidy, not a loose, single kink, in-cord to single out or bulge and fracture phenomena. In addition, the single weld joints and welding should be round anti-corrosion treatment has been asked to do, some of the general increase of the joints are not allowed to exceed twice the diameter tolerance, in-cord spacing length of the weld two joints must meet the standards, the same two single weld should be not less than 15 meters, with a single layer of an unusual spacing of the inner two welds not less than 5 meters, the outer layer of not less than 15 meters, for the single copper wire, the welding is not allowed.
a, bumps or scratches affect the mechanical strength of the conductor
b, partial pull thin, causing local heating, the resistance to increase and accelerate the aging of insulation.
c, oxidized rust points, effects conductor joints, increasing resistance, insulation is easy to aging. .
Qiaopu power cord inspection is to check the appearance of finished products, semi-finished materials, surface conditions, the standard size check is based on the product size required ministries to assess each product. Qiaopu power cord structural inspection refers to the power cord structure of the various components of the inspection, visual inspection, such as copper oxidation problems affect the quality of the power cord, the size can directly affect product performance, such as conductor diameter and its resistance-related; insulation thickness and the degree of resistance and pressure; stranded pitch and product flexibility, strong degree. Structural inspection of the power cord can be exposed to the manufacturing quality and found problems in the production process, so that control the appearance, structure, size is the product performance guarantee.

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