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Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Power cord process
2011-10-09 22:26:54

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Power cord process

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. has its own unique power cord technology, described below under our power cord technology applied to the process of technical terms and some of the processes
FH / TF process documents list the name of PVC wire and cable products
Product Drawing No.
Number parts and the whole number of parts and the whole map file name of the file name of the pages of notes numbered
FH/TF07-07-01.1GTY flow chart 3
FH/TF07-07-01.2GTY beam cord process 5
FH/TF07-07-01.3GTY beam cord process test card 2
FH/TF07-07-01.4GTY extruder process 8
FH/TF07-07-01.5GTY extrusion process inspection card 2
FH/TF07-07-01.6GTY cabling machine technology 3
FH/TF07-07-01.7GTY cabling machine operation inspection card 1
FH/TF07-07-01.8GTY spark voltage machine technology 2
FH/TF07-07-01.9GTY finished product inspection, into a circle 3
(Or blanking) process
FH/TF07-07-01.10GTY process control points list 1
FH/TF07-07-01.11GTY process quality analysis of Table 3
FH/TF07-07-01.12GTY process control point operations 2
Guide card
FH/TF07-07-01.13GTY process control point inspection 2
Guide card

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