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Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Engineering Department standard documents forming operations
2011-08-09 23:27:52

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Engineering Department standard documents forming operations

1. Objective: To ensure size and other aspects of the plug exposed content with the requirements of the product quality requirements.
2. The use of things, equipment and accessories: molding machine, mold, calipers, power cords, diagonal pliers, rubber drying, anti-rust oil, plastic outlet boxes.
3. Operation step:
⑴ operation to straighten the wire placed in trunking, wire positioned flush head, molded on the cover tight, will mold onto the mold positioning arrived in tight, then switch hands and press, rubber injection, the quick take The other two wires to be produced; plastic shot finished, will die out, holding the wire ends, the wire pulled out, in order to prevent deformation of the product, (such as the product of the normal way out after the deformation, to the product shall Breaking is back), out outlet, plug the cables into the mold, the same way sequential homework.
⑵ forming before the first hit of 1 to 3 Empty mode (determined by injection of plastic material); put away and then cut a few test beer waste cord, make sure the fundamental commissioning after passing into the wire, try beer, confirm all aspects of quality of fit requirements after, the head of the Department and quality control inspection to confirm the first pieces of IPQC pass before the beginning of normal production. ⑶ ⑷ before work will feed tube of rubber injection, according to loose back, off Lost machinery. Rectification stage of the information machine, the nozzle material and sweep the floor clean of rubber compounds to distinguish between the yellow color into the hopper outlet, shall not take copper or other metal material with a plastic material into the outlet box, the next day work day before the outlet of the hopper outlet is good material in bags placed in the specified address; the anti-rust oil spray on the mold, clean and adhere to machine four weeks.
Early eight minutes to boot to excessive drying of plastic granules into the cutting port, turn electric switches the temperature adjusted to 150 to 180 degrees Celsius, open cooling water; until the temperature is normal, start the motor, reflect on whether the normal operation of the switch ; according to product demand, the mold injection nozzle port of a good response to the mold installed, pay attention to the upper die and lower die can have offset scene, mold and die holder assembly can parallel, so as not to crush quality injection mold and influence; debugging good molding machine Injection pressure, injection speed, injection plastic work, shot glue, packing pressure, packing time, packing speed, before and after the mold temperature, molding temperature, cooling time and other parameters.

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