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Measurement Qiaopu electrical power cord equipment use and maintenance
2012-01-01 22:51:56

Measurement Qiaopu electrical power cord equipment use and maintenance

A Qiaopu projector and reading microscope
Measuring the thickness of the power cord, the current national standard measurement method using projectors and reading measuring microscope. DTT projector projector low magnification optical projector, optical measuring instruments it is very efficient in the detection of an instrument. Its main advantage is that the measurement accuracy of complex profile quickly, for measuring the thickness of the power cord.
Equipment maintenance and precautions: should test department certification. Equipment installation environment should be kept clean to avoid harmful gases. Room temperature should be at 20 ± 8 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 50%, the installation should be smooth, no vibration, wear a hood when not in use the instrument to protect the instrument. Optical surface of the part to be kept clean to avoid finger contact. If traces of oil, dust, it is best to use raccoon hair gently to the surface dust, and then with alcohol, gently wipe the liquid mixture of ethanol, can be avoided if the wipe, do not rub more. Projector screen, the presence of oil, use a soap wipe, but must be soap with water to wipe clean. Equipment when not in use, should smooth the surface coated with non-alkali metal, acid, rust and grease clean. Measurement methods: direct measurement can be done to compare measurements and describe measurement.
Second, Qiaopu electrical reading microscope
Measuring method: place the instrument on the measured object, so that the measured part of the measured object or lighting with natural light, and then adjust the screw the environment, while the field of view appear to see objects such as board and differentiation. Measurements, the first reading of drum rotation, so that the length of the glass engraved plate movement at the same time turn a little analysis of the reading microscope, long-term aim to measure the vertical part of micro-measure objects. Find the side of the reference point, while the benchmark position in 2mm, round tube in the differential rotation, so that with a glass measuring points to move to the side crossed again when reading. Reading microscope is a kind of optical measuring instruments, its simple structure, convenient operation for a wide range, can measure the hole diameter, groove width, length, and wire and cable insulation and sheath thickness. The instrument measuring range 0 ~ 8mm, measurement accuracy of 0.01mm.
Equipment maintenance and precautions: instruments can not be allowed when used properly, disassemble, otherwise it will destroy the accuracy of the original instrument. Equipment storage and use should try to avoid dust, moisture, heat and cold with acid, alkacord gas. Lens surface dirt with a soft object such as cotton to be, soft brush, lens paper. Encountered traces of oil dirt, use a cotton wool dampened with a little alcohol and ether mixture gently.

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