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Mainframe computer power cord
2014-02-19 20:56:13

Mainframe computer power cord

Host power cord

Host generally refers to the main chassis computer , there are many modules, respectively, motherboards, hard drives , line cards , CD boxes , etc. These are all internal modules , by the host power supply to these modules , with each module and the host power supply connected , we are professional at call DC power cord, also called the DC power cord, and from an external source ( ie public electricity ) to the host power supply cord , which we call the AC power cord, also called the AC power cord .
Host power cord and power cord interoperable many household appliances such as rice cookers power cord , LCD TV's power cord, the majority of the printer's power lines.

Host AC power cord

Host AC power cord, also called the AC power cord , the main function is to host power supply, connect one end of the host , while the other section is connected to the socket and civilian , and sometimes a global computer products , so the host AC power cord there are a lot of learning design and production of the above , there is a connection between the three core wire called male we will connect with the socket , called the female connected to the host , male and female , let's look at the specific next ! Female host AC power cord
Due to the popularity of the computer is a global product , which countries need to use the computer , the computer has been inseparable from our daily life , and the computer will follow the flow of human activities around the world , so we designed a worldwide computer unified female plug plug, and gave him to establish a standard , called the International IEC_60320 standard power plug , the host computer AC power cord is the female with the IEC standard IEC 60320 C-13 plug.

Male hosts AC power cord

Also because of the popularity of the computer is a global product , which countries need to use the computer , and each country will have different shapes like the AC power cord plugs, and each country has different certification standards , the country is currently the world's most used Germany shape VDE power cord , as well as American UL standard power cord male, Australia SAA standard AC power cord male, British BSi standard power cord male and China CCC / CQC standard power cord male, of course, we want to talk about our focus on China 's AC power cord male, China there are four different power cord male, namely: Continental male power cord , power cord male Hong Kong , Macao and male power cord , as well as Taiwan power line male . The reason why China has four standard , this is closely linked with the history , so our AC power cord male British standard British male power cord , and AC power cord male Macau using the German power cord male ( Portugal using German power cord ) , Taiwan, using American power cord male . We believe we can also see some of the history from the power cord to the male form of each of the above areas ! Also several places to remind our friends over or when traveling elsewhere in the world , please coupled with corresponding male power cord , so to not be able to use some of the local electrical equipment ! World AC power cord male form !

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