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Limited power cord Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD produced flexible
2012-12-07 21:11:36

Limited power cord Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD produced flexible

Alignment power cord make the subject know Japan MAZAK, MAKINO, HITACHI and other large machinery production plant, are new skills, fast-paced, high efficiency characteristics, to the company's high-profit, low-cost guidelines, accelerate production automation, flexible skills, full use of the computer to carry out the logistics, information flow and control flow handling, excellent economic benefits.
China's power cord produced production company along the flexible automation, integration, sensitive and intelligent to carry out certain trends, but also an important factor of the progress of the company's competitiveness. But it is necessary to see the production skills are inseparable parts contacted by a lot of each other, the respective roles of each other constraints plenary. The modern production system it is necessary to apply for a combination of skills, handling to keep up with modern, to make in order to give full play to the great performance and efficiency, which is let's planned time skills understanding of innovation carried out since the first few years.
Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD in carrying out the leading production skills together, the power cord produced must establish a modern corporate system, propulsion system and operational mechanism innovation; establish and sound standardized processing based on the progress of the company for information technology, integrated level of CIMS thinking and approach to establish a company making resource plan (MRP Ⅱ) to the center of the handle information system (MIS); depicted, technology, production of integrated system (CAD / CAPP / CAM); produce plans and manipulation system (PPS ,); quality handling system (CAQ); into a set of skills, database, graphics library, imitate simulation, artificial intelligence and expert system; coupled with a variety of high-level automated CNC machining theory, to promote the company to complete the whole optimization, and then carry out the production automation (MAS), the smart making skills (IMS), factory automation (FA), and completed progress product quality, decreased product costs, enhance product development talent, skills innovation to move to the strain to be summarized policy.

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