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Laboratory power cord showers and eye wash equipment
2012-03-09 21:27:41

Laboratory power cord showers and eye wash equipment

In the laboratory during the operation of the power cord, the eyes of the workers may be exposed to corrosive substances, causing pain supplies, resulting in permanent damage of the tissues or toxic substances, therefore, the laboratory or work area of the power cord should be with wash eyes and face washing facilities. These devices should be located in the lab can also be located away from potentially dangerous place to be able to ease of use.
All power cords laboratory workers must use these devices, these devices must be located away from the dangerous location within 100 feet of the place or the injured to arrive within 10 seconds.
Emergencies equipment must conform to American National Standards Institute in January 1990 to develop the use and installation standard (Z-358 standard). The relevant information can be obtained from the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
Joop Equipment Office responsible for the installation and maintenance of the incident equipment. Maintenance of these devices each year to ensure compliance with the use of standard American National Standards Institute. Requirements of the laboratory personnel every month eyewash equipment to check and make note of the inspection, these records will be as part of the injury and illness prevention programs be preserved to ensure normal operation of these devices. Weekly is recommended for cleaning the equipment.
If exposed to chemicals or other substances, immediately flush eyes or other parts of the body 15 minutes to take off contact with the clothes of these substances. Fire blankets, and clean laboratory clothing to keep warm and avoid embarrassment. Medical examination must be carried out immediately if the power cord laboratory normal working hours, workers medical service center immediately; workers medical service centers work, call 911 to ask for help. In all cases, try to find a list of Material Safety Data, refer to the table of data and observing the workers, while providing the name of the substance in contact with.

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