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Judge the quality of the power cord
2011-07-12 21:52:31

Judge the quality of the power cord

First, look at the relevant electrical quality certification
If the appliance's quality standards, the appliance's power cord should also have received quality inspection, will not have much of a problem.
Second, check the wire cross-section
Wire cross-section of qualified products of copper or aluminum surfaces should have a metallic luster, black surface of copper or aluminum surface whitish note has been oxidized, is substandard.
Third, look at the appearance of power lines
Qualified products of the insulation (sheath) layer of soft, resilient is scalability, the surface layer of close, smooth, no roughness, and a pure gloss. Insulation (sheath) layer and the surface should be a clear sign of resistance to rubbing, non-positive
Regulatory insulation material products, insulation felt a sense of transparency, crisp, no toughness.
Fourth, look at the power line conductors
Use pure copper raw materials and rigorous drawing, annealing, stranding the wires, the surface should be shiny, smooth, no glitches, smooth strand tightness, soft and resilient, not easily broken.
Fifth, look at the length of power cord
Requirements of different electrical appliances power cord length, fitting owners in the purchase of a good idea to look at the approved power cord of the length, so in order to be aware when purchasing appliances.
In order to ensure the normal use of appliances and residential security, decoration owners in the purchase of appliances, be sure to pay attention to the power cord options, carefully check its quality, if the power cord of inferior quality, it is best not to buy this appliance, so as not to bring their own problems.

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