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How to test a simple AC power cord
2011-06-25 20:21:35

How to test a simple AC power cord

1, AC power cord into the outlet after good contact, no loose feeling, and less effort will be able to pull out;
2, when the AC power cord from the wall socket specifications, dimensions do not correspond, not to artificially change the size or shape of the plug;
3, ac power cord or plug is damaged needs to be replaced should be replaced by a professional.
4 found that the AC power cord plug temperature is too high or there arc, spark, plug and socket is bad, when the plug is too loose or too tight, should be promptly discontinued.
5 In addition, experts advise consumers to use electrical power should be selected according to match the AC power cord plug and socket.
5.1, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, ovens and other appliances should be used in larger power rated current is 16A, AC power cord plug and socket;
5.2 The color TV, household refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers and other small household appliances can use power rated current is 10A plug and socket;
5.3 power of the larger of the two home appliances do not plug in the same outlet.

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