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How to choose the power cord of plastic material?
2011-06-01 20:14:57

How to choose the power cord of plastic material?

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. of the power cord plug the power cord is the main raw material of plastic PVC, the choice of raw materials largely determine the product cost and quality. Power cord is so many varieties of plastics, with their performance and variability, therefore, the application of the power cord plastic material selection is often a lot of properties from plastic to consider the overall balance (including the process and costs), and some performance data, such as wear resistance, impact resistance is still not fully predict its use, sometimes the lack of accurate and reliable design formulas, so most of the plastic material selection process is more complicated. In order to choose the performance and processing are in line with the requirements, but also as far as possible the amount of material can be appropriately used species requires a systematic and comprehensive analysis to material selection.
Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. plastic PVC power cord options have the following major steps:
(1) the idea of ​​the power cord of plastic parts: a preliminary functional design, shape and function of the component parts of the shape, and consider selecting the basic processing method.
(2) power cord plastic material selection: According to the stress associated with the use of performance engineering plastics to filter performance and processing of candidate materials, these components work stress is applied to the products on.
(3) preliminary analysis of the power cord plastic design: performance calculations using engineering design wall thickness and other dimensions of parts. And in accordance with the characteristics of plastic product design and mold design.
(4) Power cord plastic trial sample: the actual use of the component parts under the conditions or simulated conditions of use for the test, examination.
(5) Power cord plastic re-design and re-test: When you find the performance does not meet the requirements, you should re-screening material or re-design and test.
(6) Power cord plastic test samples under trial conditions and the cost of parts and components to determine the final design and material selection.
(7) plastic power line technology to determine the material specifications and test methods.
After the above strict selection procedure, we selected Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. power line are carefully selected fine PVC plastic raw materials, ensure that the company's cost and quality!

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