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How to choose the diversity of family use the power cord cross-section?
2011-12-08 21:05:58

How to choose the diversity of family use the power cord cross-section?

Home power line conductor material and the power cord cross-section - conductor material with "copper" and "aluminum" parts, the first residential copper wire should be used, and should make full use of the power cord cross-section of a large diversity of copper wire. If you wire the power cord cross-section is too small, the consequence of increased heat conductor, the outer layer of insulation aging acceleration, easily lead to short-circuit and ground fault. In accordance with relevant state regulations, the meter before the power cord cross-sectional area of ​​copper should choose 10 mm2,, house of the general lighting and receptacle power cord section using copper 2.5 mm2, while the high-power appliances such as air-conditioning power cable cross-section of copper wire at least should select 4 mm2.
Home power line conductors are selected single-core insulated wire.
General standard home power lines are:
1, the main line with a 2.5 mm2 copper wire;
2, air-conditioning lines use four square millimeters, and air conditioning are individually go to each line;
3, telephone lines, TV cable signal lines not parallel lines with the wire.
4, the power cord to use to protect plastic box buried in the wall to use the hose (including pvc pipe), the interface must use straight / elbow. If you can not use the hose in place, may be protected with metal hose.
5, to buy the power cord, switch, etc. have to buy the good stuff, the only other standard that is their compliance with national standards. Should be so stated in the purchase of this dealer.
Household power cord should be used BVV2 × 2.5 and BVV2 × 1.5 models wires. BVV is a national standard code for copper sheathed cable, 2 × 2.5 and 2 × 1.5 represent the 2-core 2.5 mm2 and 1.5 mm2 2 core. In general, 2 × 2.5 to do the main line, trunk, 2 × 1.5 do a single electrical extension, switch lines. Single-phase air-conditioning line with BVV2 × 4, reprovisioning of dedicated ground.

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