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Home improvement electrical power cord installation notes
2011-07-08 22:47:09

Home improvement electrical power cord installation notes

Home improvement Electrical Installation Notes
Case: Zhejiang Mr. Wang complained that the power cord installation to lay a groove, the cord also paved, but there is a cord without protection tube, I think the future if it is harder for the cord, but the construction side says it is normal .
Analysis: According to existing regulations, this jerry-wire installation is wrong.
Relevant policies and regulations, "State construction standards for residential decoration," the provisions of the electrical installation
(A) General provisions:
1, the distribution box after the table should be based on the indoor household electrical wiring devices with different power supply, respectively; high-power appliances should be independent of the wiring installation socket.
2, wiring, phase and neutral colors should be different; the same residential phase (L) color should be uniform, neutral (N) is preferred blue cord of protection (PE) must be yellow and green cords.
3, the circuit piping, wiring and electrical construction, lighting installation in addition to compliance with this requirement, there should be consistent with existing national standards and norms.
4, when the completion of the project should be completed by the owners to provide electrical engineering diagram.
(B) the main material quality requirements:
1, electrical appliances, electrical specifications, models should meet the design requirements and current national standards of the relevant provisions of electrical products.
2, electrical appliances, electrical packaging should be intact, the appearance should not be damaged materials, accessories, spare parts should be complete. Plastic wire protection tube and junction box must be flame-retardant product, appearance should not be damaged and deformed.
3, is a junction box and wire protection tube should not be folded flat and the appearance of cracks in the tube should be no burr, the nozzle should be smooth.
4, the communication system of terminal box, junction box and power distribution system switches, sockets, should use the same products.
(C) the construction of points:
1, when the power cord wiring, the cross-sectional area with a wire electrical equipment should meet the maximum output power.
2, dark cord piping must be laid. When the pipe length exceeds 15m, or two right-angle bend, pull boxes should be added.
3, the same circuit wires should be penetrated with a tube, but the total number of roots inside the pipe should not be more than 8, the total wire cross-sectional area (including Insulation) pipe cross-sectional area should not exceed 40%.
4, power cords and communication cords shall not be penetrated with a tube.
5, power cords and TV cable and socket outlet with horizontal spacing of not less than 500mm.
6, penetration piping wire connector should be located in the junction box, lap joints should be firm, should be wrapped with insulation even close.
7, install a wall socket, socket for the left should be the zero cord (N), the right side should be connected to phase cord (L), the top should take to protect the middle ground (PE).
8, kitchen, bathroom splash outlet should be installed, the switch should be installed at the door on the side of the wall.

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