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Harness the power cord material selection
2011-03-17 21:29:38

Harness the power cord material selection

Auto Harness the power cord in the automotive components of the continuous carrier, whose main role is to ensure that the transmission signal, also need to ensure the reliability of the circuit connected to the electrical and electronic components supply current required to prevent electromagnetic interference on the surrounding circuit and to exclude electrical short circuit. Automotive wire harness automotive wiring harness choice for the entire manufacturing process is critical, we can not afford the slightest bit careless.
Engine high ambient temperature, corrosive gas and liquid is greater, so the engine wire harness the power cord must use high temperature, oil, vibration, rubbing wires. Automatic transmission on the wire using a hydraulic oil-resistant, high temperature, temperature stability, good conductors.
Trunk lid power cord plug wire harness to maintain its flexibility at low temperatures, so the flexibility to choose the cold wire to ensure their normal work.
ABS Harness the power cord assembly with high temperature resistance of 150-200 ℃, hard outer layer of protective insulation, wear resistance, but the heart is greater than 133 lines of stranded conductors.
Power lines, such as battery starter alternator output cable used in cable wires for the power cord insulation can withstand high current thermal performance, a special cable voltage drop.

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