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Halogen free power cord
2011-03-15 22:18:30

Halogen free power cord

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd.consumption of halogen-free power cord, the following simple introductions under the halogen-free power cord. Halogen free power cable that is low on resistance, with the W, said: with IEC60754-2: 1991 (1997 revision), adopted the national standard of the same approach for the determination of GB/T17650.2-1998, arrangements will be marked as PH4.3, r ( conductivity) 10ps/mm. Many foreign country or company to halogen-free specification as HCI5mg / g, people have also been followed, it is not appropriate. The IEC60754-l has been clear that the approach can not be used to determine the HCI content of less than 5mg / g of the information, that can not be concluded that \ "halogen-free \." Second, when the HCI content of> 2mg / g, its water solution PH value is less than 4.3, that the request does not match the IEC60754-2. Furthermore, it was determined that the IEC target PH4.3, while Germany's target is PH3.5, thus higher than in Germany IEC's request. This is only the appearance of the phenomenon of halogen-free power cord. In fact, the full effect of the two the same.

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