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General provisions of the Power cord Qiaopu enterprise
2012-02-07 22:54:11

General provisions of the Power cord Qiaopu enterprise

1, the mechanical equipment should be the proper use of its technical performance requirements. Machinery and equipment has been the failure of the lack of safety devices or safety devices not be used.
2, Power cord Qiaopu Do not remove the automatic control mechanism, the torque limit and other safety devices on machinery and equipment, and monitoring, instructions, instrumentation, alarms and automatic alarm signal device. Debugging and troubleshooting by qualified personnel responsible for.
3, the machinery in operation is prohibited to repair, maintenance or adjustment operations. Maintenance machinery and equipment should be found leakage protection, disrepair or overloading of sick operation, the departments concerned should stop using.
4, the operation of machinery and equipment must be physically fit and qualified through professional training and examinations to obtain the operating permit issued by relevant departments, special types of operating permits, before they are allowed to operate independently.
Violation of the safe operation of the command, Power cord Qiaopu business operator the right to refuse. The mandatory regulations on the accident fat people, fat people's responsibility should be held up to be held criminally responsible.
6, machine operations, the operator will be allowed to leave their jobs or machinery to the non-operating personnel to operate. Prohibited access to the work area and operating room. Work, thought to be focused, Do not drink and operation.
Labor protection supplies, machinery operators and co-workers, must be required to wear long hair shall not be exposed. Working at height must wear a seatbelt, not wear hard soled shoes and slippers. Threw objects down from above is strictly prohibited.
8, the daily operations of two classes and more machinery and equipment required to implement the shift system. Plug wire and the Qiaopu enterprises operating staff fill in the shift record.
19, the mechanical into the operating location, construction and technical personnel should be mechanical operators for the construction tasks and safety technical measures tell smb. What one's real intentions are. The operator should be familiar with the operating environment and working condition, and to obey, to follow the safety rules.
10, when the use of mechanical equipment and security conflict, we must obey safety requirements.
11, when the machinery and equipment of an accident or attempted serious accident, the Power cord Qiaopu enterprise must be timely rescue and protect the scene, and immediately report to the leaders and relevant departments for disposition. Business leaders on the accident should be "left off" principle.

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