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General power cord factory job evaluation methods
2012-04-27 22:56:36

General power cord factory job evaluation methods

n positions with reference to the law: the power cord factory with the positions of the existing wage scale to assess the other posts.
n positions arranged in France: about the composition of the qualified specialized agencies, such as job evaluation committee; survey data according to the post or job description to make simple, easy to compare job descriptions; determine the assessment standards, the scoring of the power cord factory in various positions; assessment summary of the results to calculate the average score, and then come to the relative order of jobs.
Classification: n positions and positions with reference to France some resemblance, difference is that it does not have a reference to the standard positions. It is all the positions of the enterprise according to the power line factory work, job duties, qualifications and other aspects of the requirements will be divided into different categories, generally can be divided into a management class class of affairs, the Technical Working class and marketing class and so on. Range of values ​​determined for each category of a post, and the positions of the same type of arrangement in order to determine the different positions value of each post.
n factor comparison method: do not need to care about the specific positions of the job responsibilities and qualifications, but all positions abstract several elements. Depending on the requirements of every position on these elements to derive the position value. More scientific approach is that the power cord factory jobs abstract into the following five factors: intelligence, skill, strength, responsibility and working conditions. The assessment team each factor area is divided into a number of different levels, and then post the contents of the different factors and different levels correspond to grade sum of the values ​​for the job positions value.

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