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General inspection requirements Ningbo Qiaopu electrical power cord
2012-03-05 21:49:01

General inspection requirements Ningbo Qiaopu electrical power cord

power cord inspection of the Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. provides:
A, Joop power cord sign checks for signs of any product, jacket printing or Coding, the following must be clear: (1) Make, namely Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. (2) model; isthe specifications of the power cord, (3) the voltage level at the same time be kindwith the power cord.
Process card (manufactured card) check: process card must be in-kind and productmodels, specifications, exactly the same voltage level.
, Get off the need to prevent the plate between the power cord or hook trafficcollision resulting in the power cord injury;
, The occurrence of illegal products, process inspector should do the following four things:
1, and urge the production of this product isolation;
2, in the process on the card, write on the illegal items, and the inspector I sealed;
, Hang up the "stop" card;
4, writing the disposal of non-conforming product single "Cross workers checksubmitted to the quality assurance department;
For rework Pan repair of nonconforming product, writing "rework Pan repair list"items to the persons responsible for repair. Rework Pan repair completed (orrework), the second repeat test to determine whether qualified; If qualified, "therework Pan cultivation qualified" to write on the card of the original process, at the same time stamped, and rework the Pan-repair single "cross the quality assurance department.
The above process must be performed on the operating requirements of the quality of information flow in the production process. The press Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd.

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