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Fire power cord related terms
2011-12-13 21:39:42

Fire power cord related terms

Oxygen Index: refers to the specified conditions, the solid material in the oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas stream, the minimum required to maintain stable combustion of oxygen. High oxygen index of a material difficult to burn, oxygen is low, said material is easy to burn
Materials, oxygen index (LOI) with flame retardant correspondence is as follows:
LOI <23 flammable
LOI 24 - 28 a little flame
LOI 29 - 35 FR
LOI> 36 high flame retardant
Fire-resistant power cord (Fire resistant cables), referred to as FS power cord. This power cord is not easy to cause fire completely destroyed in the fire and the fire can still continue to work to ensure that the process of the electricity needs of the fire.
Flame-retardant power cable (Flame retardant cables), referred to as FR power cable. Common polymers, in light of the flame will burn more. FR flame-retardant power cable is characterized by a single cable to prevent vertical flame spread of combustion, the flame will go out automatically removed.
Flame retardant power cable (Reducedflame propagation cables), referred to as FRR power cord. It features multiple power cords through the vertical tray flame test laying, concentrated into a beam in the test contained in the power cord of combustible material more than a single power cord, but requires its flame spread can be controlled.
Halogen-free flame retardant power cable (Low smoke zerohalogen cables), referred to as the FOH power cable. FOH power cord is characterized by burning both FR and FRR retardant capabilities, but also do not emit toxic gases such as HCI, the distribution of smoke is also very thin.

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