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European power cord test specification
2011-03-01 21:33:07

European power cord test specification

1. Objective: To make the tests in Europe are based on the power cord to follow, especially the development of this specification.

2. Application: factory as the European power cord wire:
a. H03VVH2-F (RVV 300/300V)
b. H03VV-F (RVV300/300V) and A03VV-F
c. H05VVH2-F (RVV 300/500V)
d. H05VV-F (RVV 300/500V)
e. H03VVH2H8-F
f. H03VVH8-F
g. H05VVH2H8-F
h. H05VVH8-F
i. RVB 300/300V

3. Definitions: European power cord wire: refers to VDE, NF, IMQ, DEMK, EMKO, FIMKO, SEMKO, OVE, KEMA, CEBEC, SEV, and BS, SAA, BR, GB specification European power lines, above the norm for Great local content is based on
IEC specification and development.

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