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European power cord temperature testing machine practices
2011-03-27 22:18:24

European power cord temperature testing machine practices

One. Experimental project: European power cord temperature experiments.
II. Aim: To examine the European power cord and copper wire after forming parting point temperature (temperature) could fit the criteria.
III. Application: UL male plug, the national standard plug.
IV. The use of instruments: the European power cord temperature testing machine.
Five. Test: European power cord through the specifications of the rated current, temperature (copper) does not exceed 30 ℃ (54 ℉).
5.2 GB: Plug line through the specifications of the current 1.15 times the rated current 1H, temperature (copper) does not exceed 45K.
VI. Experimental steps:
6.1 turn the power to test whether the machine properly, to be tested as usual, the icon off the power.
6.2 to take the test plug wire, PVC strip exposed conductor end and conductor were fixed at the corresponding terminals.
6.3 Insert the bottom temperature in the copper rod, copper strip with the two are not good at 3 / 2 inch (38mm) of copper welding (series), 18AWG below with 14AWG copper wire, 18AWF with 8AWG copper above, one can be measured 6PCS , when less than 6PCS jumper (just + pole - into a single-pole series - loop) in order to test.
6.4 open the master switch, power light is on, set the timer time is 1H or 3H.
Set the heating current size of 6.5 by the current adjustment knob to adjust the current size, set by the rated current of the plugs may be, such as: 18AWG 10A; 16AWG 13A.
6.6 Press the timer switch, start timing.
6.7 after heating to temperature, recorded every 10 minutes once, switching temperature point, have to wait 30 seconds, temperature stable, re-meter record, consecutive 3 ± 5 ℃ temperature rise is considered in steady state, and then with
The difference compared to the ambient temperature is the temperature rise.
6.8 When the set time arrived, time indicator lights up, this time the test ended, turn off the power, remove the specimen, finishing equipment.
VII. European power cord attention matters:
7.1 Do not place the environment, humidity, air circulation to be good.
7.2 when in the care of themselves, do not water, alcohol or acetone wipe.
7.3 ensure that the body clean, clean coating machine parts often with a clean cloth.

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