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European power cord insulation breakdown failure
2011-08-10 22:14:09

European power cord insulation breakdown failure

(1) solid dielectric breakdown of the European power cord
Solid dielectric breakdown in the form of: electrical breakdown, thermal breakdown and electrochemical breakdown. The same dielectric under different external conditions, the breakdown can occur in different forms.
① thermal breakdown. Breakdown voltage with temperature and voltage effects the extension of time to drop rapidly when the dielectric breakdown process in the thermal process, called thermal breakdown. Ambient temperature and voltage to increase the role of time, thermal breakdown voltage drop; dielectric thickness increases, the average breakdown field forcing down.
② electrochemical breakdown. In the electric field, dielectric and chemical changes may result, irreversibly increases the dielectric conductivity, leading to breakdown, known as electrochemical breakdown. As the chemical changes often lead to loss of increased media, and thus the final form of the electrochemical breakdown breakdown is often hot.
③ electrical breakdown. Because the presence of external electric field, ionization electrons in strong electric field build up enough energy to cause a collision between electrical breakdown. The process is characterized by fast, high breakdown voltage. (2) along the surface breakdown
In the actual insulation structures, often surrounded by solid medium gas or liquid medium, often along the two kinds of dielectric breakdown of the interface and the electrical strength of the lower side of the place, called the breakdown along the surface. Breakdown voltage along the surface of dielectric breakdown voltage than the lower one. Electrode edge of the motor line (bar) end insulators are prone to surface discharge, is very damaging to the insulation.
(3) dielectric breakdown of liquid
Liquid dielectric strength of electrical state of the gas than the standard is much higher. If the oil contains water and other impurities, the electrical strength will seriously decline, prone to breakdown phenomenon.
Gas Breakdown of European power cord
When the electric field strength exceeds a certain value will cause gap breakdown. If the gap is too small, the increase in field strength will also cause gas breakdown. Common there, due to the applied voltage is too high and the capacitor breakdown, arising due to the exposed wire EDM, closed when switching arc, such incidents are no longer on its gas with dielectric insulation.

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