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European Power cord wires positive and negative tolerance plastic layer
2011-07-07 21:41:43

European Power cord wires positive and negative tolerance plastic layer

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in producing European-style power cord, European power cord under the following analysis of the causes of poor positive and negative super-
First, European power cord plastic layer produces the phenomenon of tolerance
(1) the speed and traction screw instability, ammeter or voltmeter swing, thereby affecting the cable diameter, resulting in the deviation of the plastic layer.
(2) semi-quality problems, such as steel or plastic band around the bag loose, resulting in uneven punch bag or plastic layer, edges, pits and other defects.
(3) high temperature control, resulting in reduced out, so that the outer diameter of the cable suddenly becomes small, thin plastic layer to form a negative difference.
First, European power cord produces tolerance causes
(1) wire rope core or heart is not round, there are snake-like, while the diameter changed so much.
(2) semi-finished products have quality problems, such as: good strip joints, steel loose tube, steel crimping, with a loose plastic sleeve, the joint is too large, falls to pieces and so on.
(3) operation, the mold core matching is too large, resulting in inverted plastic plastic layer bias arising from the core.
(4) adjusting the mold, the mold adjustment screws do not tighten, resulting in the phenomenon of leaving the plastic layer upside down eccentricity.
(5) screw or a traction speed instability, resulting in tolerance.
(6) filter feeding mouth or partially blocked, resulting in a reduction in the amount of plastic negative difference.
Second, European power cord exclusion-tolerance approach
(1) and check the cable diameter is often measured the thickness of plastic layer, plastic layer that changes or uneven diameter, should be immediately adjusted.
(2) fitting the mold to the right, take a good tune after tune mold mold tightening the screw, the compression gland.
(3) Note that the screw and the traction current and voltage meter and found that instability in time electrician, maintenance fitter.
(4) Do not strip or other debris inside the hopper to join European power cord, if it found that this situation should be immediately removed.

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