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Electrical power cord learning contro
2011-04-02 23:22:54

Electrical power cord learning control

Hours of power cord in the device is easy to mistake will destroy a low-level of a person's life or the life of a machine, the following Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd power cord for your device science of learning

Using low-voltage electric pen test
Low-voltage electrical testing electric pen is a commonly used helping the peace appliances. 500V for the investigation of various electrical conductors or equipment, the following shell can live. Experience a normal low-voltage electric pens, comes with, just electric pen test the principle of control, clearly knew of the electrical bonding principle, sensitive use of many techniques.
(1) determine the AC and DC electrical power line learning
AC and DC electric pen identification, AC DC bright dark
AC neon tubes covered with bright, neon light end of the DC.
Explained to understand:
First, tell the reader a little bit, before the use of low-voltage electric pen test, be sure to understand that the confession had been charged in the body mortem test; understand the confession without prior experience in electric pen properly, can not use. Distinguish between AC and DC, the best in the "two power" for the analogy between, so very appearance of. AC test both ends when the neon lights, neon tube when measuring DC as long as one end of a very shiny.

(2) discrimination DC electrical power cord learning is the cathode
Discrimination is the cathode electric pen, carefully view the neon tubes carefully,
Bright is the cathode front-end, back-light for the positive.
Explained to understand:
Neon power front-end refers to the inspection head end of the pen, holding a neon tube means the end of the back-end, front bright as the cathode, as opposed to positive. Test to pay attention to: power supply 110V and above; if people and the earth insulation, a hand touching the power of any one pole, the other hand measured the public pen, metal pen first touched the electric power supply to test the other extreme, neon front very bright, touch the power supply is measured by the cathode; if the back end is a very bright neon tubes, the measured power is positive touch, which is based on current activities and one-way from the cathode to the anode active electronic principles.

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