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Electrical power cord installation process and hazards
2012-02-06 10:46:36

According to the information, about 40% due to the electric fire. Among them, the electrical power cord installers wrong foreshore of the arts is the most important reason.Now the error process is summarized as follows:

In non-steel material base (such as Bakelite, plastic) on the line pile connection to install the course of its accident as follows: see Figure la: room temperature, the power inlet and outlet (usually connected to pressure lugs) line piles on compaction line body between the solid phase. power cord nose and fever, after a period of time, cause the substrate to aging, softening deformation, the line nose to ask loosening the pressure is reduced, resulting in the gap, so that the effective contact area is reduced, the contact surface is the same as the fuse to produce a strong, large current Choke Control Line nasal contact points due to overcurrent, overheating, so that the base further deformation · · · · · ·, and so on, until the line nose redness melting stud nut burned out or line of skin on fire, the last accident, see above b. The improved method pictured above c.

Vibration fastening install and connect the power cord vibration, ie, spring washer to see normality in Figure 2a, the connection line of the body assembly pressed to avoid even the money loose due to vibration during transportation. Working after power cords and lines the nose, fever, more than a certain temperature and time, the spring is annealed (heat treatment process terminology), spring washers lose elasticity, the pressure to reduce the occurrence of gap in the line nose loose, and then the first described the vicious consequences. Of the incident state b, and improved methods such as in c.

Wang peeling line bend directly connecting (wireless nose) to install the power cord to the installation of line compression, by the outside diameter of the contact between the wires, the contact area is much smaller than the wire cross section. Energized, the contact points have a serious choke phenomenon, quickly heat until hot wire rapid softening. Under the pressure of the nut, the diameter crushed smaller, gap between the wires, thus described, such as the first malignant consequences. The installation of the normal, accidents, and improve the map, such as the lower figure a, the lower diagram b, c as shown in the following figure.

4 power cord stripping screws tight due to the installation of peeling, light wire diameter screw crimp in the wiring base, rely on outside diameter and screw contacts, the contact area is much smaller than the wire section. Power, resulting in serious choke phenomenon wire contact at rapid heating to soften, wire screw crushed, smaller, and have a gap between the screw and then such as first described in the malignant consequences. Install normal, accidents, and improve the map as shown below a following figure b, the following diagram c as shown.


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