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Development strategy on the power cord
2012-03-19 22:00:52

Development strategy on the power cord

· Scenario 1: the accumulation of power cord and technical personnel advantages and the mature product as a breakthrough, as the basis of the financial advantage of the special trade of capital accumulation in the short term, management experience accumulated, the accumulation of human resources and market share, create their own QIAOPU brand. Broaden the product direction and product quality of the power cord when conditions are ripe, the form of OEM way or equity holding and corporate acquisitions in the domestic implementation of the rapid expansion of low-cost, occupation of the domestic and international markets; strive to companies at an early date listing to raise development funds the development of enterprises to develop rapidly into a virtuous circle, in the short term.
· Option 2: "grasping both ends, put the middle" of the power cord development strategies and tactics, leading the technology and market development, and production with the form of domestic OEM. The advantages of this approach are: investment in fixed assets is small, risk is small, flexible, market to concentrate to grasp the technology and market are two key factors. The drawback is: the power cord attachment processing profits to be shared, low profit margins, product quality and the number of out of control when it will be difficult to ensure.

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