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Copper clad aluminum copper power cord and the analysis
2011-05-21 21:40:13

Copper clad aluminum copper power cord and the analysis

The face of the power cord in the industry, the market appeared a large number of copper clad aluminum business, in fact, very simple reason: cost. However, the power line copper clad aluminum is easily oxidized, must have current and voltage in power, easy short-circuit power line, the consequences can be imagined. Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Technical Department provides a copper clad aluminum copper power lines and power lines contrast parameters are as follows:
Physical properties
Conditions at 20 ℃, the conductivity of copper is ρ 1.7 * 10-8Ω? M, ρ the conductivity of aluminum is 2.9 * 10-8Ω? M, shows the conductivity of copper is 1.7 times that of aluminum, instead of aluminum resistance is 1.7 times of copper, according to Q = I2RT (Q: heat, I: current, R: resistance, T: time) we can see, copper clad aluminum copper heat generated 1.7 times. Compared with the copper clad aluminum, the use of OFC, as conductor, with high conductivity, low resistance, high melting point, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, small size and the characteristics of the conductor and the voltage loss and less heat, manufactured by OFC wire, the lowest phase distortion of signal transmission, low capacity, excellent transient response, high efficiency, wide frequency response, uniform, treble soft, plump bass, dynamic strength, excellent presence.
Copper clad aluminum conductors is based on the quality of the sale, the copper conductor is sold by mass, the price of copper clad aluminum conductor of the same quality of copper conductor than a little bit expensive, but the density of copper is about 3.3 times the density of aluminum, to consider copper coating on aluminum, copper, copper clad aluminum density is about 2.5 times, that is the case of the same quality, copper clad aluminum copper volume ratio of 2.5 times a large, cross-sectional area to do the same if the words of wire, copper coated The length of aluminum is 2.5 times of pure copper. Analogy: the same quality of copper and copper clad aluminum power cable to do 8, 1000 meters of copper can do so, copper clad aluminum can do 2500 meters, the same specifications than the copper of copper clad aluminum wire line cheap more than half. For example: a 50-meter standard copper power line 8 to 300, then a 50-meter power cord, 8 CCA 150 for only the following can be.
Copper clad aluminum and copper clad steel also has a big problem lies in the live transmission of the time, joints can cause the oxidation of a serious signal degradation, while copper clad aluminum cable is still more difficult to find the country, according to industry applications, difficult to use the unit recognition.
Given the above analysis, Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. is strongly recommended that manufacturers not for the moment the interests of the risks to the enterprise!

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