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China the power cord the industry - Ningbo Qiaopu (QIAOPU)
2013-04-08 20:22:31

China the power cord the industry - Ningbo Qiaopu (QIAOPU)

Wire and cable transmission electric (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion line products. A wide range of wire and cable is also known as cable. The narrowly cable insulated cables. It can be defined as follows: one or more insulated cores, and the sum of each of them can have the coating layer, the protective layer and the outer sheath of the cable, you can also have other non-insulated conductors consists of the following components: . The the ----- Ningbo Qiaopu (QIAOPU)
Power cord industry in China ----- Ningbo Qiaopu (QIAOPU), the highest in the world production capacity, but serious excess capacity, mostly low-end products, the manufacturing industry concentration is very low, the market is a melee the situation is no exaggeration to say, can relive congestion "cut-throat" competition everywhere, rather than a business can be regarded as the real leader of the market share, innovation, brand influence and international competitiveness , this is an indisputable fact.
At present, China has reached more than 7,000 small and medium-sized cable companies. These enterprises due to the lack of research and development capabilities, most enterprises in the low-end products to make a fuss. Therefore, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the product price competition magic. Due to the typical weight of wire and cable materials, light industry workers, from 70% to 80% of the total cost of raw material prices. Therefore, the pros and cons of raw materials largely affect the quality of the wire and cable products. Small businesses to provide ultra-low-cost products, is nothing more than to make a fuss about the raw materials, the quality of the product can be imagined, the consolidation trend continued high copper prices in the recent period, some companies shoddy phenomenon.
You should create a win-win industry, the development of intelligent, not very competitive. New breakthroughs, to seize the international market, rather than at the low end of the market to kill in the end. Wire and cable companies should spare no effort to accelerate technological innovation, product upgrading and extension of industrial chain, such as high-voltage cable accessories, high voltage cable production equipment, high-voltage cable materials, optical fiber preform, air lines, high-high-end products, testing equipment and so on.
Most of the power cord industry short-sighted enterprises, the lack of lofty corporate strategy. In the birth of the planned economy to a market economy process, fallen wire and cable industry since the founding of the first batch of giant enterprises, and gradually the birth of a new generation of emerging enterprises. It is very important to the future of the world economy facing a transition again today, how do we seize the opportunity. Traditional enterprises in the continuous improvement of technological progress in life, there is a sense of crisis, we should listen to see more and more and more dynamic, remain innovative and dynamic. "Globalist": "If human beings first, the second industrial revolution, relying on the steam engine, generator, represented by the development and utilization of machines, almost all the energy is non-renewable energy, then the third industrial revolution will shift to solar, wind and other natural resources inexhaustible, inexhaustible source of renewable energy. "What is the most important asset in the 21st century? First Energy Capital, the world has entered a new energy economy The capital of the spirit of the times, the meaning of the soul, the internal driving force for change to the life and ability, organization.
China power cord only to solve this problem, can really lead to true power cord industry competition in the world stage.

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