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Certification test procedure, Brazil power cord
2011-03-23 22:15:48

Certification test procedure, Brazil power cord

1 Brazil certification test power line voltage wiring method to the following table, requiring insulated core voltage test points can be
2 take a good lead after the test items, test personnel to leave the test area, test the door closed, turn the trip switch on the door
Press to alert NH 3 twist, so that the presence of personnel in the bell ringing to remind
4 Open the power and control power switch, power indicator light
5 Open the high-voltage start switch, high pressure indicator light, adjust the voltage setting knob so that the required test voltage value
Brazil power cord 6 certification test of time to buck back to zero automatically and cut off the pressure, issued a "qualified" optical signals that pass the test product, press the "reset" button signal to eliminate, so far results
7 If the test product breakdown, it will immediately cut off high-pressure and issued a "breakdown" of sound and light alarm, press the "reset button" to eliminate sound and light alarm
8 re-wiring disconnect control power, cut off the main power
Brazil power cord 9 certification testing process, such as cable breakdown occurred, should make a record, through the back plate to identify breakdown points, for processing
10 test is completed, should open the front door pressure machine, air switch off the power, cut off the power supply.

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