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Carrying out power cord summary
2011-03-30 22:52:33

Carrying out power cord summary

Today, the network application at the request of its transmission medium are higher than ever before midnight. 20 years ago for carrying narrowband telephone twisted pair technology business, now being used to support up to 250Mhz bandwidth digital information. However, from the appearance of power cord that Category 6 twisted pair cables twisted-pair copper wire and the first not very different. So, what kind of transformation that copper cables can provide such high bandwidth and excellent electrical performance?
The key lies in the original data, consumer technology and the structure of power cord cables from time to time modified, so that today's cable to achieve such high performance.
Excellent performance to consumer non-shielded twisted-pair cable power cable (UTP), required strict control of each major manufacturing process, including careful pre-selection of copper wire and thermoplastic materials, lead wire insulation, two co-dominant lines Twist into a twisted pair, the synthesis of several twisted pairs cable, put the cable jacket, final packaging waste. To ensure the performance of waste cable fit the request of relevant international norms, each stage of manufacture are required carefully designed, are required for each process through the stringent control.

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