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British standard power cord operation
2011-04-03 14:52:37

British standard power cord operation

One. Application: used in the operation of the British company Qiaopu resistance cable PVC power cord of low resistance measurement.
II. The use of tools: screwdriver.
III. Operators: one person.
IV. Operation steps:
4.1 galvanometer used to do before the operation and should be zero correction.
4.1.1 First, L / NL switch to N-L Department.
4.1.2 the selection switch to POWER, CHECK position.
4.1.3 the POWER, ON / OFF switch in the ON position, then power-on, such as the index indicating the red line can be carved, and do not check the power supply voltage when necessary, to run, so after about 10 minutes after galvanometer change of temperature stability.
4.1.4 Machine zero adjustment: The selection switch 50MV-UA location, such as the location of zero to indicate false indicators show a slight bias direction, that is adjusted with a screwdriver screws under indicators, indicators of the instructions to revert to zero.
4.1.5 the selection switch 50MV-UA's position, and then double-bridge (YODO-GAWA) of GS press, this time adjustment of the test flow meter ZERO ADJ knob to the position indicator indicates zero then GS release, such as the index is slightly biased towards zero, that screws with a screwdriver to adjust OPEN ZERO, so that zero index instructions.
4.1.6 After the above adjustments, the selection switch 50MV-UA, the operation of the above sequence, the GS press, adjust the ZERO ADK index indicates that zero, then the GS release, adjust OPEN ZERO instructions to reset multiple targets in zero, and then click on GS, then any deviation indicator, and then transferred rectifier ZERO ADJ, so that means the index to zero, the index zero, then the GS release, such as the index is further biased, the same adjustment OPEN ZERO, instructions to target zero, repeat adjustments, the GS in the press and into the open, the index indicating the location of zero change.
4.2 Resistance practice test steps:
4.2.1 the value of all zero YOKOGAWA2752 the dial.
4.2.2 Determination of the unknown will be resistance (wire) clip in the clip wire rack (CLAMP DIVICE YOKOGAWA2754) or to test the unknown resistance (transformer COIL) so the terminal to determine the wire (MEASURING CORD YOKOGAWA2753) folder properly .
4.2.3T/2752 testing resistance ratio (MUL TIPLY) of the plug should be inserted in the hole, resistance testing should be considered that the size and resolution of, its plug properly.
4.2.4 the DC table (T/2012) of the test bolt with a double bridge (T/2752) the insertion of the current peace.
4.2.5 the ratio of the plug, plug the hole due to the rules, before you can (YOKOGAWA2752) of the double-throw switch to arbitrary direction of the first connected to the (B SWITCH ON) to adjust slide resistance to the appropriate test current .
4.2.6 test current adjustment, the adjustment by the GS YOKOGAWA2752 first dial (from small to the general direction). When the galvanometer indicator of the direction toward the other changes, will be the first step down a grid dial.
4.2.7 then the G2 release, then a G1, the second dial to adjust T/2752 (from small to the general direction) as an indicator of galvanometer in the direction toward the first change, it will be the second wheel to step down a grid.
4.2.8 Finally, the G1 release, then click on the GO, adjust T/2752 the third dial (direction from small to large) and the same as described above, and then adjust the first four wheel (fine), so check flow meter at zero position, this time line is the equilibrium, and so appear on the wheel multiplied by the ratio of read-bit value (MUL TIPLY) that is the size of the measured resistance value.
Five. Pay attention to matters:
5.1 DC power supply (battery or batteries) should be between 2V to 4V, the Ah (AH) should be greater than 20AH. (If using 3V, 60AH of the battery is better.)
5.2 Slip-line resistance and the peace of the size of current practice should be determined depending on the rules of the peace when the current selection.
5.3 wiring, the polarity of the DC power supply with the polarity of the meter should be divided.
5.4 In order to avoid outside interference, double bridge and galvanometer (T/2709) of the EA () end and the negative DC power supply connected to a point grounded.

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