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Analysis of the power cord
2011-08-04 21:57:10

Analysis of the power cord

Current power transmission line wires. According to different purposes, can be divided into AC power cord AC power cord and DC power cord. AC power cord is a high voltage alternating current through the wire, due to the higher voltage AC power cord so the need to harmonize standards and safety certification party can obtain a formal production. DC line voltage is lower basic DC, so the security requirements are not strict AC line, but the safety of the current national security or the requirements for certification.
Current power cord specifications are more available in the market power line quality was mixed, so as to protect the personal safety of users of electricity and safety of consumers in the purchase of the power cord must note the following:
Check the power cord surface markers. According to national standards, the surface should have a power cord manufacturer name, product type and rated voltage of the continuous flag to cause problems in the power cord can be found in time when the manufacturer. Consumers should be aware of the power cord while the certificate shown above, the manufacturer name, product type, rated voltage wire and the surface of the printed signs are the same, to prevent counterfeit products;
Check the appearance of power lines. The appearance of power lines should be smooth, and its insulation and jacket layer should be intact, uniform thickness, non-greasy feeling;
Note that the conductor diameter. Home lighting line with the power cord of 1.5 mm2 and above specifications; air conditioners, microwave ovens and other large appliances with the power should be used more than 2.5 mm2 and the size of the power cord.

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